5 Secret Santa/White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $20 2016 Inspiration

2016 Holiday gift Ideas

Since it can be hard to buy for the person’s special interests in a white elephant (are the 5 words you ever say to Carol in accounting “Hey, how are you today?”), it can be easier to go with universal and practical. With that said, here are a few ideas that should work well for just about anybody.

  1. It’s not going to make history books, but you know they’ll use it: A mug with their name on it. I know, I know, it’s common to give a mug at an office party, but hey, it’s common for a good reason. If they don’t drink coffee (really?), they probably drink tea or cocoa. With their name custom engraved on it, it will be unique for them. If it’s the rules where you won’t know your person until it’s too late, you can still engrave something funny or clever that will work for your group. At least no one will try to steal it, if it has their name.
  2. A bearded hat. This is an odd one that everyone can love. If you already have a full, bushy beard, you can appreciate the humor of a beard on a beard. These have gotten more popular every year and nothing fights off that winter cold like a wool, knitted beanie with a button-on beard.
  3. A gift card. This one is another practical choice. If you get an Amazon gift card, it’s about as good as a $20 bill because one can get just about anything, but it’s still staying within the custom of giving a gift that’s not cash. They even come in a box, a greeting card, or an email. You can be sure plenty of people will try to “steal” this one on their turn.
  4. A wine kit. This one gives so many options. You can get a rabbit opener or you can get even a nice, complete set, with an opener and the rest of it, and have it engraved. If they don’t like wine, there’s almost always an occasion to have a nice wine set with company or on a date night.
  5. A tasty sampler. This one is a classic. Some easy ones include coffee, chocolate, even hot sauce. You can get a great set already made online, at a wholesale store, or even put one together.